In everything we do,
we ensure fast and precise delivery.
We love to get things done.


We solve a wide range of problems
within some of Denmark’s most
up-and-coming lines of business.

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Interplay to grow

In this way, we help you so that your core competences are shown to their full advantage. We discuss the circumstances at hand and help optimize your solution on materials, dimensions, price, and the ability to fit into your further production flow.
Hence, we say:
Interplay to grow

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Gibotech – The hospitals safe choice, choose Alusteel.

Gibotech is in the automation business. They are the preferred choice of the Danish hospital service, when it comes to the Central Sterile Supply Department, logistics systems, palletization systems etc. Hence, it was a no-brainer for us to take part in the GiboCobotFlex project.

We have been a part of the project since the beginning, where prototypes were made. Today, CobotFlex is an article at Gibotech. We do the entire metal processing. We weld the parts that need to and paint the product. The product is then delivered to Gibotech, ready to have electronics installed in, which makes the attached robotic arm do the work the customers want it to.

In some way, what we deliver can be called plug-and-play technology. Making it easy for our customers motivates us.
Here at Alusteel, it has been a great pleasure to work together with Gibotech. A company with an eye for detail and high demands for quality. This keeps us on our toes.