About the field


The automotive- and wind turbine industry share the same strict demands, regarding documented quality. Our experience within this field stems from a summer break, where we were helping out Semvac with a project. Semvac produce lavatory installations, installed in train wagons. The quality demands are sky-high. We usually joke around by saying that it is easier to be allowed to make or produce something for NASA, than it is for train toilet manufacturers. This is one of the reasons we love this field – it does not have to be easy.

To be approved as a supplier, we needed a special certificate. The 15085. We landed this in 4 weeks, something that even Semvac did not believe to be possible. From the first order up to today, we have expanded our partnership along the way. Today, we deliver a substantial number of orders to their department in Czech Republic.

We offer

We possess a fully up to date machinery and use it wisely to help you with short lead times and reliable delivery of services.

We do both big and small constructions – ranging from steel frames for the wind turbine industry, to small workpieces for the robot industry. With our new setup we have both the space and equipment to handle even bigger constructions than these – you just let us know.

Alusteel have 2 Trumpf 6 kW laser cutters at our disposal, for stainless steel, aluminum, regular black steel, Aluzinc and galvanized sheets.

The maximum sheet format is:
Stainless steel and regular black steel: 25 x 2000 x 4000 mm.
Aluminum: 15 x 2000 x 4000 mm.
Galvanized: 5 x 1500 x 3000 mm.
Furthermore, we work with both mill and saw.

We have some of the newest equipment for roll, batter boards and bending-off press. We have the systems that ensure you a fast lead time from 3D-simulation to the final product, spot on in the first try. This includes thread, countersink, and laser machining.

We have great experience in welding black steel, stainless steel, and aluminum. We have all the relevant certifications and are approved up to execution class 4.

Workpieces can be burnished with costa surfaces or vibratory deburring. To boost our supply capability and safety even further, we have established our own installation for glass- and sandblasting, powder lacquering and chemical cleaning of workpieces. This allows us to deliver the highest quality of workpieces, to enable you to do the same for your customers.

I our department of assembly work we offer anything from assembling and measuring of small charging stations to assembling of larger machines, constructions, insulation mounting etc. We can deliver preassembled parts that you can use for further production – and we can also go all the way to products ready to be sold.

This is how we shorten
the lead times for you
Pre-production phase

We have the requisite know-how and regard for your further flow production, when coming up with solutions. This allows us to discuss the work at hand with you along the way and simplify the production of your workpieces.

eliminates mistakes

Based on your 3D files, we can simulate the production. This way, we eliminate mistakes before the actual production begins, ensuring that the workpieces are producible.

Early programming of our machines

The 3D-simulation also shortens the lead time, due to us programming our machines during the pre-production phase.

Early troubleshooting is economically efficient

More than the saving of time, obvious economic advantages come with the early programming and simulation, as you avoid initiating production of workpieces that later prove to be impossible to produce.

Flexibility and swift readjustment

Our approach to tangible assignments is comprised of a strong focus on getting things done. We are constantly optimizing our machinery and possess both the will and skill to make swift readjustments. This ensures short delivery times for you.

Processing center

We excel in many technologies in house. If any small part or workpiece is needed for a prototype, we can produce it ourselves, to avoid you having to wait for a subcontractor to deliver.


We ensure surface treatment of the workpieces. Furthermore, we both glass- and sandblast, powder lacquering, chemical cleaning. We take care of all this in house. We even possess our own assembly department and deliver all the way to the final product. Even delivery is taken care of, as we have our own lorry.


To ensure that you receive your workpieces in the right time and place, we have our own lorry that delivers daily. This may seem like a simple solution, but it works, and we love things that work.

Any questions?

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